Education is the manifestation of divine perfection already existing in human being. Education is the process of development and transformation of a person from infancy to maturity. It is a process by which an individual learns how to adapt himself to physical, social and spiritual environment gradually in various ways. In this process, training enables the individual to enhance their skills in an intelligent, sympathetic manner for the common goal of the masses and self.

KSR College was started with this seed at its inception because, if we want to transform the world then the biggest potential change is hidden in young generation of our society.

Our teaching methodology and education programme will help. From the last few decades we are constantly working towards our mission.

Our Mission is to work for the educational and cultural emancipation of the youngsters through meaningful and relevant higher education. Our vision binds to the local structures for a creative dialogue on their social and cultural liberation. As a higher educational institution, our main role will be to provide an environment and training context for the students to prepare themselves for active and responsible life commitment for the formation of a just society.


Dr. Bipin Kumar Jha


Principals List


1. Dr. Kedar Nath Jha 1981 to Aug 1982
2. Dr. Ravindra Narayan Jha Aug 1982 to Jan 1993
3. Dr. Durga Pd. Chaudhary Jan 1993 to Jan 1994
4. Dr. Ram Bharat Thakur Jan 1994 to Dec 1994
5. Prof Amarnath Roy Dec 1994 to Feb 2008
6. Dr. Durga Pd. Chaudhary Feb 2008 to 2020
7. Dr. Uma Kant Jha Dec 2020 to 17-02-2022
8. Dr. Baidya Nath Choudhary 17-02-2022 to 24-08-2022
9. Dr. Bipin Kumar Jha 24-08-2022 to Till Now